We at Africa Awaits would love to welcome you and get to know you. We understand that planning a safari is a long process and that somewhere along the way, you do forget something, no matter how hard you try. Therefore we have established a short list for you just to help you with the basic stuff.

What to bring along on the hunting trip
· Flash light
· Sun protection lotion (We suggest an SPF of 30 to 50)
· Lip balm
· Sun-glasses
· Hat
· Bow or rifle
· Bow or rifle accessories
· Camouflage clothes
· Diary
· Casual clothing and shoes for evenings, leisure time and travel
· Socks
· Two pairs of hunting boots
· Two pairs of long pants for hunting
· Variety of short and long sleeved shirts for hunting
· Warm sweaters ( if safari is any time from April to August)

A light jacket for wind or rain
· A warm jacket( if safari is any time from April to August
· Thermal underwear
· Gloves (functional for hunting)
· Bathing suit
· Flashlight and batteries
· Camera and film and/or video camera, tapes and charger
· Binoculars
· Bag or pack for taking personal items on hunt
· Leather belt and ammunition pouch

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Owner of Africa Awaits Hunting Safaris.
4th Generation Boer in Namibia.
10 Years Hunting Experience both in Plains as well as Dangerous Game.
Lives out his passion for hunting and conservation.
Dependable in handeling dangerous encounters with years of experience.

Bertus Pretorius