Have you ever dreamt about waking up in the morning with the sound of hippos grunting outside and a fresh breeze in the air. Starting your day at the break of dawn with your trusted rifle over your shoulder and no worry or rush in the world.

Well, with Africa Awaits Hunting Safaris this no longer has to be just a dream! Come and experience Namibia like no one else ever have. We offer you the ultimate Namibian hunting experience where you can sleep in a luxurious camp in an unspoiled landscape, just like nature intended. With us the hunt don’t stop when you step out of the field, we give you a true African Hunting Safari feeling. Witness the beautiful red sand, the camel thorn trees and the vast amount of free-roaming wildlife that you will only find in Namibia.

Sit around a cosy fire at night and gaze at the endless stars, forget about the world and just enjoy a stress-free time. Watch as Oryx, kudus, hartebeest and warthogs graze around the waterhole at night.


Bertus and Barbara Pretorius have been the owners of Africa Awaits Hunting Safaris since 2011, before which Bertus Pretorius freelance guided for 5 years.

Bertus grew up close to the small town of Gobabis, on a farm together with a younger sister, Anandie. He spend his time outdoors learning from the bushmen that his father employed how to track animals, set snares and which plants have medical benefits. He started hunting when he was 8 years old and unfortunately could never stop. After completing school he obtained a professional hunters licence and started hunting with clients all over Namibia. If he is not hunting, he does meat culling for butcheries or capture springbuck with his four wheel motorcycle.

Barbara Pretorius grew up in the North of Namibia in the town called Otjiwarongo and met Bertus in 2009, after which they married in 2011 and have a son called Stephan.

She has always liked cooking and enjoys serving the hearty meals during a hunting trip. If she is not cooking or in the kitchen she will be on the back of the hunting truck with her video camera to film the hunt.

She loves the outdoors, hunting, filming and welcoming new people into her home.

Africa Awaits employs and sustains five families that live on the ranch. These families are all handy hands during the hunt and help with all the heavy work. Some of these are highly skilled skinner, trackers and drivers and have large families from 5 - 10 children that they need to support. They are all from the Damara and Bushmen tribe and have been with Africa Awaits for many years, some of which grew up on the ranch.

Working together we ensure that we will give you the best hunt possible.


2020 Show Schedule

2020 Show Schedule

2020-01-08 10:35:14

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A New Year

2018-03-23 16:18:40

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Shows for 2018

2018-01-04 14:44:37

We will be attending the following shows for 2018 4 - 7 Jan Dallas Safari Club Booth 245711 - 14 Jan International Sportsman's Expo, ...

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Owner of Africa Awaits Hunting Safaris.
4th Generation Boer in Namibia.
10 Years Hunting Experience both in Plains as well as Dangerous Game.
Lives out his passion for hunting and conservation.
Dependable in handeling dangerous encounters with years of experience.

Bertus Pretorius