After landing at Hosea Kutaku International Airport, we will pick you up and transport you back to Africa Awaits for the duration of your hunt.
For the next few days you will be hunting all the species you are interested in. After a successful safari we will transport you to your first destination of your Namibian tour – Erindi Game Reserve. It’s about a 3 hour drive, but you will travel by gravel road with a lot of different landscapes and you might even see a lot of game on the road. The tour plan is as follows:


On the first day you will have a good breakfast after which we will leave for Erindi Game Reserve. Erindi is the biggest privately owned game reserve in Namibia and covers an area of 71 000 hectares of free roaming game.

You will find anything from an elephant, hippo, crocodile, rhino to an honey badger or a marabou stalk. The lodge is built around a large waterhole where all animal species come to drink without being bothered by the spectators. You will be accommodated in a five star lodge with excellent food, accommodation and game drives. This is by far a photographer paradise! We will arrive at Erindi in ample time to get settled in a room, refresh and have a hearty lunch.

After which there will be time for a siesta, followed by coffee and cake at the restaurant and a late afternoon game drive. The game drive will take about 2 to 3 hours and includes a professional guide, snacks and refreshments. You will definitely see a lot of animals.
The next morning we will have a nice breakfast and an early game drive, to catch those you didn’t see the previous day.


After the game drive we will pack our bags and head for the coast of Namibia. We will be travelling to a town called Swakopmund which is a 3 hour drive from Erindi.

You will pass through the Namib Desert on your way there, the oldest desert in the world (estimated to be between 55-80 Million years old!). Swakopmund was the main harbour for the German colony in 1892 and the architecture of Swakop is mainly an example of the old German colonies. This is a well-kept old town with a lot of history.

You will be able to visit the Swakopmund Museum, the National Marine Aquarium, the Chrystal Gallery or just spend the day shopping. The shore is just a stone throw away and you will be able to hear the waves breaking as you rest in your bungalow. We will be accommodated the next two days in The Stiltz. This is a different kind of accommodation compared to the majority of places you can stay in Namibia, but truly a unique experience.

The hotel is situated on the coast facing the Atlantic Ocean and it’s constructed out of wood. The rooms are elevated from the ground and connected by wooden walkways. The second day will be set aside for relaxation and the exploration of Swakopmund. Lunch and dinner will be provided in good restaurants.


On the next day you will enjoy a hearty breakfast after which we will travel to Walvis Bay, a harbour town 30km from Swakopmund. The drive will take about 30 minutes and you will be able to see the Atlantic Ocean on your right and the magnificent sand dunes endemic to Namibia on your left.

Once we arrive in Walvis Bay we will board the catamaran of Laramon Tours at round about 9 o’clock. This is a must-do for all visitors! The 3 hour cruise is a unique calming experience and you will learn a lot of the coast, witness pelicans flying along the boat, see dolphins passing by and even seals in their fast majority. The chances are good you will also have a visitor on board as a handful of the seals got accustomed to the company and likes to climb on board to beg for a fish (or two) with their extreme cute looks.

The tour starts at the harbour of Walvis Bay, takes you to the small island where the seals breed and live, pursues the dolphins and then head to the ‘bird paradise’ where the sea-gulls and other coast birds breed. Refreshments, light snacks and freshly caught oysters are for free. A professional guide will accompany you and the catamaran is quite stable, which minimises sea-sick. You will be back at the harbour at round about 12 o’clock, after which we will enjoy some lunch and spend the rest of the day exploring Walvis Bay, the dunes and Swakopmund. We will be staying in The Stiltz again that night


After a good rest, breakfast and a farewell to Swakopmund, we will be on the road to Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei is the place that you will find the biggest, most breath-taking dunes in Namibia. Nobody can describe how big and magnificent a desert dune can be, until you stand beneath one and feel like a dwarf. The drive will take us 5 hours and if we leave early morning, we will arrive at around lunch. We will be residing in Desert Homestead, a cosy lodge, 35km south-west of Sossusvlei.

Desert Homestead caters for a lot of activities including a guided dune tour, horseback dune tour and a helicopter ride over the dunes. All are done in the early morning or late afternoon to catch the day at its most spectacular. We will, as planned, tour the dunes with our own vehicle, but the option of doing more are solely yours. Lunch and Dinner are served at the lodge and you will be accommodated in a luxury double room with an en-site bathroom.

Be sure to bring along spare batteries and a huge memory card, because if you haven’t ran out of space by now, you most definitely will! Namibia has a lot of beautiful places that one must see, but we try to take you to the ones we feel has the most value, ones that you will enjoy the most. On our trip from Erindi to Swakop to Sossusvlei you will notice the extreme variation, not one place will be the same. We are taking you from the wild, untamed Africa you will find at Erindi to the calm, cool history you will find in Swakop and finally to the spectacular, old but memorable desert of Sossusvlei. We hope you enjoy it!


Unfortunately all good things come to an end and we will be heading back to Windhoek to catch your plane. The drive from Sossusvlei to Windhoek will take us about 6 hours and if we leave after breakfast and your plane doesn’t depart too soon, you will be able to do some last minute shop before you leave.

The route from Sossusvlei to Windhoek will be through the desert, another splendid drive with a lot of contras.

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